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Laja Fuerteventura Craft Beer

"Re-Laja-te y disfruta"

This project was created in 2018 as a result of our concern for what motivates us, the art of creating good beers worthy of the quality of the Km0 products that we have on our islands. As beer lovers, on our travels we observe the rise of “artisan” beer and the lack of one with its own identity on our island, Fuerteventura. The idea of covering this need, our experience in different sectors of the hospitality industry, together with the logistical and commercial work and the fact of having at our disposal one of the best qualified microbreweries on the islands has led us to the fact that after these years Let's not go unnoticed in the gastronomic and craft beer scene of the island, not without thanking the trust of so many placed in our beloved “L-Apa” and “Au-Lager.


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