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Verdeaurora Bio Farm

"La concienciación propia y común, desde un proyecto de vida, enfocado al respeto a la tierra.

"Verdeaurora Bio Farm is the place that gives the opportunity to feel nature at its best, to connect with ourselves and with a pure and pollution-free environment, where tradition and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony. In this little piece of Fuerteventura we take care of what matters most to us, our planet, and we share it with those we love most.

Everyday life on this typical Majorera farm is characterized by the certified organic production of Aloe vera and olive trees, for the creation of pure and natural care products. Furthermore, those staying at the Bio Farm, and also visitors to the island, live a unique experience: exploring every corner of the crops during the day and, when night comes, falling madly in love with a sky flooded with stars."


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